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Software Products - Cost Estimation Systems

We have developed several Cost Estimaton Systems, which can be used as a framework for the development of a more customised cost estimation solution. Each industry has its own set of factors that must be taken into consideration when providing a customer with a cost estimate / quote. Our development experience together with your technical knowledge of the factors required to provide an accurate cost estimate, will combine to form a software solution that will cater for all your cost estimation requirements efficiently & effectively.

Our developed cost estimate system will have the following benefits:

  1. The calculations will be based on information retrieved from the database (e.g. prices & markup bounds) together with the applicable formulas. The output will be an integrated cost estimate which takes several dynamic factors into account. This will result in an accurate & efficiently calculated cost estimate.
  2. Automatically generated quotes (in Word or Excel), ready to print or email.
  3. Multi-user access, allowing several users to quote at the same time. Quote numbers can also be generated, customers easily linked and searched, etc.
  4. The Centralised database promotes consistency in costs, markups, and prices quoted. Only a single update is needed to implement new costings.
  5. Access to certain elements / functions can be restricted to specific users (e.g. price updates), ensuring a more secure environment.
  6. Promotes Integration & system expansion with other departments or tasks related to the cost estimates (e.g. the automatic generation of a Bill of Materials for that project). 

You can Request a Quote Online or complete our Online Enquiry Form for more information.

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