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Software Products - ElecConn Management System

The ElecConn Management System was first implemented at Ekurhuleni (Germiston), and has been a great success for over two years. It was designed specifically for a Municipality's Planning & Construction Department, and is also a Customer Care System for the entire process. It improves efficiency and productivity, specifically by automatically generating quotations, reports, and letters. A brief description of the system follows.

1) Brief System Description

The ElecConn Management System is a multi-user database system (operating over a computer network) that is used to manage & track the application process surrounding special electrical connections. It will allow several data capturers on your network to capture applications (requests for a new / upgraded / altered / removed electrical connection), and after the on-site inspection, quotations can be generated from these previously captured applications. Payment information can then be recorded on the system, after which a works order can automatically be processed & generated. Once the work is completed, the in-commissioning and final project information is captured.

Throughout this process, several customised reports and letters can be generated from the system. Important features of the system include Application Status Reports, Payment Acknowledgement Letters, Works Order Reports (outstanding works orders, list of completed, filtered reports, etc.), Payment Reports, Connection Size Reports, Meter Verification Reports & Status Tracking, and an Overview Report of the ENTIRE lifecycle! A letter to the Finance Department can also automatically be generated containing all the necessary information from the above process. The ElecConn Management System also acts as a Customer Care System, allowing your entire department to keep track of the current progress of new, upgraded, downgraded, altered, removed, tariff change, and relocated electrical connections; thus making it simple and efficient to cater to consumers' queries at any stage of the process.

One of the most powerful attributes of the system is that it can generate the quotations, works orders, letters and reports in Microsoft Word and Excel format, all ready to print or email. To further improve efficiency, the generated quotations and works orders automatically insert an image of the relevant electrical details, and a sketch to indicate the position. The system is also very user friendly, and its functionality corresponds to the lifecycle of an electrical connection logically hardly any training is required! Finally, the ElecConn Management System incorporates logical access control, allowing the administrator to add users to the system & specify which features are accessible to each user, ensuring a secure environment.  

2) Flow Chart of the ElecConn Management System

The following flow chart illustrates the core processes surrounding the ElecConn Management System:


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