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Website Design, Development & Hosting Terms & Conditions

ITSys Developments handles all client relationships with the utmost professionalism and we will strive to produce quality development to satisfy our clients’ requirements. 

During development of your website, ITSys Developments will ensure that all company information and documentation known to be confidential or proprietary, or which is clearly marked as such will be held in confidence. 

Hosting & Domain fees:
All monthly hosting fees are payable in advance by the 5th of every month. Annual domain fees are payable in advance on the anniversary of the domain registration.

Website Design & Development Fees:
Upon sign-up ITSys Developments requires a min of 40% deposit before commencement of design work. During large projects there will be sub-payments required, as agreed upon, before commencement of the project. The design & development fees balance will be due upon completion of the project (whether the website is launched or not).
Once design & development have started, ITSys Developments reserves the right to charge the client for any work done in addition to the deposit payment received.

Website Content:
All content for design projects to be supplied by the client in electronic format. If additional content creation is required an additional quote will be provided for copywriting. If additional photos are required, an additional quote for stock photos will be supplied.

Cancellation of Projects:
When any project is cancelled during development, ITSys Developments reserves the right to invoice for all design hours incurred, even if the project is not complete, and the client will be liable to settle the account.

Deposit Refunds:
A project deposit can only be refunded if written notification is received within 7 days and desing or development work has not yet started.

Listed Client Details:
ITSys Developments requires an official email contact to be listed for all account requests. Multiple email accounts are not allowed as to avoid conflicting requirements.

Adwords Management:
All Adwords campaigns are setup within the corporate profile of ITSys Developments. All intelligence and research used to create and grow any campaign, be it for 1-month or more than 5-years, will remain the property of ITSys Developments. The monthly Adwords management fee that is levied on a client's account is for the time (service) that ITSys Developments utilises to create and manage the campaign throughout each month.
All information within an Adwords campaign remains the intellectual property of ITSys Developments and is not transferable to clients at any stage. The Intelligence and experience that gets put into an Adwords Campaign has been built over years of managing a range of client accounts and the knowledge and understanding of working with Adwords daily; this is the service we offer our clients, and the campaign structures and techniques that result in a successful campaign are proprietory. Monthly statistics on Adwords daily campaign performance or spend will be gladly provided to the client on request, provided that it is not in contention with the above terms.

Website Instructions:
All instructions for website maintenance and updates during development, or once launced, are required to be received from the registered email address on the client's account.

Outstanding & Suspended Accounts:
All monthly services fees are payable monthly in advance. ITSys Developments reserves the right to suspend any domain that is overdue. A client will be considered to have relinquished their domain and hosting if their account is outstanding for 3 months or more.

Domain Transfer:
A domain transfer request has to be provided by the registered email address on a company letterhead within which you need to specify to whom the domain will be transferred. A domain transfer will only be accepted if all outstanding fees on the account (design, hosting and domain fees) are settled.

Errors on Website:
ITSys Developments will not be held responsible for any errors or ommissions on the client's website. Before launch the client will be supplied with a preview to review the website and once instruction is received to launch the website we accept that all content and features is in good order.

Completed Projects:
All design and development projects will be considered as complete upon launch of the website. Once a final preview has been provided to a client and according to our knowledge all requests have been met and no correspondence have been received from the client within 60 days, ITSys Developments will consider the project as finalised and will invoice for the balance of the design fee.


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