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Online Marketing

In order to start your online marketing campaign, you first need to get a professionally designed website; should you already have a website, we can evaluate whether your website has been designed in accordance with SEO & web design protocols, which is required for a successfull online marketing campaign. It is important that your website contains relevant content and is optimised correctly, in order to obtain the best search engine ranking that you can, therefore driving traffic to your website.

Pay-per-click Campaign Management
We analyse your website and select targeted, content relevant keywords and phrases that will contribute to optimise your business website. A well managed Pay-per-click Campaign can achieve maximum exposure for your website and can be managed to suit your Online Marketing budget. We mainly use Google AdWords for our Pay-per-click Online Marketing Campaigns, as Google is currently the most effective search-engine on the Internet.

What can AdWords do for your business website:
Users searching online for your products or services will find you.
Great position in 'Sponsored Links' within relevant searches.
AdWords are managed according to your budget.
Only actual visits to your website is paid for.
Website statistics can indicate which keywords is most successful.







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