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Software Products - Production Management Database Systems

We have developed a base Production Management System controlled via inputs fed into a centralised database (from the system's users), which can be customised and further developed to suit the specific requirements of your production process. This will allow management to track the progress of on-going (and previous) projects as they evolve through their respective production phases.

The stock surrounding the production process is also managed as it transforms from ordering of the parts, to being converted into a reserved status based on a customer's order, through to the transformation of the parts stock into product stock (which eventually forms part of a delivery note). This helps ensure that you will always have the parts stock available to complete a particular order, once the customer order is processed. This computerised stock control is automated as far as possible by defining product compositions based on the parts required, which allows the system to automatically increase & decrease applicable stock levels as they go through the different production phases.

Our user-friendly software forms the interface with the database, which makes it easy to use the system, reduces human error, automatically generates reports, and minimises the amount of training required to ensure an efficient production system.

Some important functionalities of the system include:

  1. Adding / modifying parts information
  2. Adding / modifying product information
  3. Specifying Stock Danger Levels (which warns you when a part's stock level reaches a critical level)
  4. Generating Purchase Orders Capturing
  5. Received Items Defining Product Compositions (relationships between a product and its parts & quantities)
  6. Capturing Customer Orders
  7. Stock Availability Assessments
  8. Automatic Job Card Generation according to the product's Production Phases
  9. Job Card Status Updates & Tracking
  10. Delivery Note Generation
  11. Supplier & Customer Order Tracking
  12. Customised Reporting based on the above processes, etc.  



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