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Website Navigation

Good website navigation is an important factor of any website, as it will ensure that the user is guided through your website appropriately. Without proper navigation, a website can lose its sense of structure, flow and organisation. It is important to allow users to access your whole website from any page. Ideally, the user should be able to reach the desired page in a maximum of two or three clicks (categorised navigation bar typically on the left), with all the main company-specific web pages accessible in one click (e.g. home, about us or contact us).

Your website's navigation menu will provide the user with the immediate knowledge of the depth of your website. The user should be able to have an idea of what your website offers and that they will find what they require by glancing at your navigation bar.

An efficiently designed navigation menu allows users to find what they are looking for on your website quickly and easily. A well designed navigation bar can also assist in directing the users to other offerings that your business have on your website. A fully-featured, well-categorised navigation bar assures the user that there is lots to see and do, and encourages them to explore your website a little bit more.


Some of the more common website navigation menus used are:

Stationary Navigation Menu
Static button navigation Graphical navigation buttons

Multiple layers pop-out Navigation Menus
Left horizontal pop-out navigation bar multiple layered horizontal pop-out nav menu

Top of page Pop-out Navigation Menu
Vertical drop navigation bar

Flash fade-in Navigation Menu with mouse-over activation
Flash activated navigation bar

Slide-open Navigation Menu
Slide-open navigationDouble Layer Slide-open Navigation

Themed single layer pop-out Navigation Menu
Single layer pop-out navigation bar for website


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